Friday, March 25, 2011

‘Tarantula’ to decode Chinese phones

Ahmedabad: Forensic experts have devised a way to solve the riddle posed by Chinese mobile phones. Now, a gadget will help them in decoding the phones that has captured 30 per cent global market share.
The team of experts who participated in an exhibition organized by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) at the science city displayed their innovation called ‘Tarantula’ on Friday for the visitors. Mark C Myrick, the company representative, said that the phones pose potential threat as they can be a tool for terrorists and anti-social elements due to its cheaper cost. “While many forensic tools fail to extract data from the mobile software, we target the chip storing the information and extract the data right from it,” he said.
He added that an average investigator needs more than 50 adaptors and more than 15 operating systems to work with Chinese mobiles.

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