Thursday, November 24, 2011

Insurance agent arrested for bogus death claims

Ahmedabad: Navrangpura police has arrested an insurance agent of a leading private insurance firm for fraudulently making death claims in the company after insuring the person posthumously.
The agent, Daluram Balai, 24, a native of Rajasthan, used to collect the documents such as birth certificates and photographs from the relatives of those in his Bhilwad district who had died and present their insurance policy to the company as fresh cases. After paying the premium on these policies initially, he showed the person as having died recently even as the death would have happened few months ago.
Balai’s fraud was caught by manager of the company, Sudeep Roy, on Wednesday when the agent bought three insurance policies and a death claim for registration. Noticing that the dates in some of the birth certificates was tampered with, he began grilling Balai, who fumbled with the actual dates and spilled the beans on his modus operandi when threatened of police action.
All policies that Balai showed as fresh were for a sum insured for less than Rs three lakhs as this does not require physical verification of the insured. After the insurance policy was registered with the company, he used to put up the death claim of the person by mentioning the wrong date of death.
Roy took him to Navrangpura police, which arrested him. Officials said that one team will go to Rajasthan to verify the exact number of death claims he fraudulently prepared.

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