Monday, July 23, 2012

Biometric RC books to replace at Gujarat state RTOs

 All the books will soon be digitized by the year-end, said road and transport department of the state government.

The pilot project will kick off from Ahmedabad in August. Talking about the initiative, JM Bhatt, RTO, Ahmedabad, said that everyday more than 1200 vehicles get registered in Ahmedabad alone.

"All these new vehicles will be issued a biometric RC book on lines of smart card for the driving license. It will not only ease the transactions with the digital reading for administration, it will also be easier for the vehicle owners to carry it with them. For the existing RC book owners, the books will be called phase-wise and be replaced with cards," he said.

The RC books are used for a number of purposes including getting or renewing insurance of the vehicle, vehicle sales or transfer or to claim the vehicle in occasions of theft or robbery. RTO officials also stated that a special department is to be established to deal with the digital RC books including issue and replacement. The reader machines and printing equipments have been procured.

"Training of the personnel is underway. As we have already digitized or computerized most of the systems including registration of the vehicles and issue of smart cards, it would not be a major issue," said Bhatt.

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