Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mirzapur court to maintain register of missing documents

AHMEDABAD: To deal with the increasing problem of missing case papers at the Ahmedabad district court, the Bar association and the judges have decided to keep a register, in which the lawyers will have to record their case numbers.

The Ahmedabad District Bar Association on Wednesday put a notice on the campus that henceforth a register will be kept by the registrar in the administrative branch of the court, and the lawyers are required to request the officials to find their case papers that are not traceable. This register will be operated under the supervision of a district judge, and the lawyers will be informed after their case papers are found.

Advocate Jigar Pandya, a member of the Bar association, said that due to the present sitting arrangement of judges and deployment of new and inexperienced court staff, the case papers in many cases have gone missing. At the time of hearing, the lawyers come up for arguments but the court staff cannot place case papers before the judicial officer. Another Bar member said that the problem has become so acute that some litigants have filed complaints before the Bar Council of Gujarat against the lawyers for the delay in court proceedings. "It is shameful for us that we have to admit such mistakes in the open, but we have to resolve this issue. For this, the Bar and the bench have come together now," he said.

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