Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Madras HC orders police to pay Rs 1 lakh compensation to engineering college professor

The Madras high court on Wednesday awarded Rs 1 lakh as compensation to an engineering college professor who faced a false ganja possession case and was illegally arrested by the Vellore district police in September. 

Justice S Nagamuthu, before whom the plea of T V Velliyangiri who wanted the narcotics drugs case against him to be quashed and to initiate criminal action against the police personnel responsible for filing the false case, pronounced the judgment. However, the judge let off the policemen saying the government had enough powers to take action against them on the basis of the judgment. 

Earlier, according to the directions of the court, IPS officer and superintendent of police Sudhakar investigated the case and filed a report in the court admitting that it was a false case. 

The judge, slamming the police for the illegal act, also quashed the narcotics drugs case against Velliyangiri. 

Velliyangiri was working at an engineering college in Vellore district. He landed in trouble when protested against the frequent visits of the local police to the college campus in connection with investigations into the murder of the college founder's son. 

Police detained him on September 5, claiming that he was found possessing 1.5 kg ganja, and booked him under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. 

Though Velliyangiri's wife, V Devi, wanted the case to be entrusted with the CBI, advocate-general A L Somayaji suggested superintendent of police Sudhakar's name for probe, which could be later handed over to the CB-CID, if needed. 

Concurring with the submissions of Somayaji, Justice Nagamuthu had said: "For some excess allegedly committed by a few police officials and the indifferent attitude of a few higher police officials, the entire police force cannot be undermined. The Tamil Nadu police are known for their investigating skills and their impartiality. I am also of the view that transferring this case would only add to the workload of the CBI." 

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