Monday, February 9, 2015

HSBC list: Switzerland says it's 'stolen data'

New 'HSBC list' of Swiss bank accounts revealing over 1,000 Indian names, Switzerland today said these are from "stolen data" an assertion that might make it difficult for India to get details on these accounts without any additional evidence.

Switzerland, however, said the country is "strongly committed" to fight against the black money menace following change in its policy a few years ago.

"The published information is based on the known list with stolen data of the years 2007 and earlier," a Switzerland government spokesperson told from Berne.

He was replying to queries with regard to revelations made by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) about one lakh account holders from across the world in Swiss branch of HSBC Bank.

The list has 1,668 Indians, while the number of actionable cases stands at 1,195 after taking into account duplication and some other factors. Collectively, these accounts had a balance of $4.1 billion (Rs 25,420 crore) till 2007.

When asked about steps being taken by Swiss authorities to ensure that illicit funds are not stashed in their banks, the Switzerland government spokesperson said, "Since 2009, Switzerland has changed its financial market policy and is strongly committed to the international standards and to the fight against tax evasion."

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