Monday, June 13, 2016

Block escort service sites, Centre tells ISPs

The communications and IT ministry on Monday ordered: "immediate blocking" of nearly 240 websites allegedly offering escort services in a fresh attempt to block obscene content on the internet.
Last year, it had made a similar effort to block several porn sites but had to backtrack amid an uproar over its effort to play "net nanny".
The ministry has now ordered internet service providers to block websites or face action under the Information Technology Rules, 2009.
The notice named a number of websites that need to be banned, including,,,,,,,, and
It will take a number of days for ISPs to fully block the sites. On Monday evening, several sites on the banned list could still be accessed.
"This exercise is a non-starter from the beginning. The moment we block one site, there will be 10 new ones that will spring up with different names," an industry source said. "Also, they can easily retain the same name by changing one alphabet. It just takes a few minutes to do so."

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