Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spouse of bank employee entitled to transfer benefits: HC

Gujarat high court has held that a government employee, who is spouse of a nationalized bank employee, is entitled to the inter-district transfer to the place his/her spouse is posted.
Justice S G Shah ordered the state government to transfer a vidhya sahayak from Banaskantha district to Surendranagar district, where her husband is employed with the State Bank of India (SBI).

According to case details, Shobhanaben Kanaiyalal Nayee works in a remote village of Gagana as vidhya sahayak in a primary school. She has a two-year-old child and has been facing difficulties in finding support because her husband works at an SBI branch in Vadhwan in Surendranagar.

The schools teacher repeatedly requested the education department to transfer her to Surendranagar. But the authorities rejected her request on the ground that a February 2014 government resolution, which governs inter-district transfer of a government employee to the place where his/her spouse works, does not mention bank.

The teacher finally approached the high court, where her counsel submitted that by all means SBI can be treated as a board or corporation of the Union government. The village is in dry region on the border of Rajasthan and at given point of time, the teacher has to travel 300km for Surendranagar. After hearing the case, Justice Shah said that SBI is a banking corporation though it is known as bank. Therefore, the teacher is entitled to the February 2014 GR of transfer of policy.

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