Friday, May 14, 2010

David Cameron’s first act: Pay cut for ministers

London: As Britain’s new government under Conservative leader David Cameron on Thursday contemplated a slew of measures to deal with the disastrous budget deficit, it announced that all ministers in his Lib-Con coalition will take a five-year pay freeze and 5 percent pay cut.

Cameron today urged his colleagues to set aside their differences as the coalition contemplated slew of measures to deal with the deficit. In the first move to slash spending, the new Prime Minister cut government salaries, including his own by 5 per cent, which will be followed up by a pay freeze for all MPs. He has announced that all ministers in his coalition have agreed to a five per cent pay cut and a further pay freeze for the rest of this Parliament. For Cameron, the cut means he will receive a salary of 142,500 pounds - 7,500 pounds less than the 150,000 pounds Gordon Brown was receiving when he left office, the Daily Telegraph said today.
The salaries for other Cabinet ministers will be cut from 141,647 pounds to 134,565 pounds, while the pay for a junior minister in the Commons will be reduced from 94,142 pounds to 89,435 pounds, the British daily said.
The coalition said that it is committed to “significantly” accelerated reduction in the budget deficit with 6 billion pounds cuts this year, but it has yet to reveal exactly where the axe will fall.

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