Monday, May 3, 2010

RTOs digitisation in Gujarat

While on a holiday to UK, if you break speed limits or drive without wearing a helmet, you may well receive a ticket at your residential address back home.

In its latest efforts to digitise working, the Regional Transport Officer, Ahmedabad, and all other RTOs in the state have started implementation of issuing licenses and vehicle registration — adaptation of ‘Sarathi’ software for issuing licenses and ‘Vahan’ for vehicle registration.
The implementation of the software provided by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India, has already begun. The upgradation is the part of a larger scheme of National Register License.
Atul Gor, Ahmedabad regional transport officer, said, “The process is being undertaken to take all the RTOs of the country on one uniform platform where the format of the data of all RTOs is compatible and can be used by one another in times of identification. This will also be a step towards improving networking among the RTOs.”
Talking about how this system will help, Gor said, “If a person holding a licence from RTO, Ahmedabad, is on a trip to some other state and commits a traffic offence, the person can be tracked all the way to his residence through this system. Also, if there is a mishap, the licence can work as an identification, verification and tracking method.”
“In Gujarat, of the 27 RTOs, 15 have implemented Sarathi software, while implementation of Vahan software has happened in seven. Implementation of both the software will be completed in all the RTOs of the state by the end of May,” said Gor.
In another initiative taken by RTO-Ahmedabad, the RC Book given with the vehicle is undergoing a design check.
“Currently, the RC book given with the vehicles is a flimsy booklet, which is difficult to maintain and often pages of the book go missing. We are working on a new format of the RC book, which will be more like a laminated twofold certificate. For the same, we have also taken suggestions from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad,” Gor said.

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