Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RBI alert on email frauds

Mumbai: Even though the Nigerian email scam is common knowledge, there is no dearth of gullible people who fall prey to similar email frauds. The Reserve Bank of India has opened a special window to advise the public after detecting scams where the perpetrators impersonated RBI officials.
In a statement issued here on Tuesday, RBI said that despite its warnings, many residents have fallen victims and lost huge sums of money by opting for such fictitious offers. Sources said that despite repeated warnings by RBI, many people continued to fall for email schemes.
The latest is the fraud mail from Egypt, said a senior banker. There are two versions of the email scam. The first one is an email from a person claiming to be a friend stuck in Egypt because of the strife, seeking financial help to return to India. The second email is from someone claiming to be part of the Mubarak regime seeking to transfer funds out of the country. In the past, there have been mails purportedly from large corporations seeking a fund transfer.

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