Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Supreme Court order on sexual harassment should apply to armed forces: Panel

A Parliamentary panel on Wednesday said that swift punishment should be given to those armed personnel who indulge in “anti-social behaviour” against women.

The Committee on Empowerment of Women in its report on ‘Women in armed forces’ said the government must review the judicial system of the Services to include “outside organisations” to look into cases of sexual harassment there.

“It is a matter of concern that an increasing number of cases are being reported of anti-social behaviour against women by armed forces personnel,” the Committee headed by Congress’s Chandresh Kumari said in its report tabled on Wednesday.

“We feel strongly about this as it is highly unacceptable that a few delinquents should be allowed to besmirch the reputation of the armed forces,” the panel said.

The committee opined that the Supreme Court judgment on sexual harassment at workplace was over-riding and covered all organisations, including the armed forces.

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