Thursday, May 10, 2012

SC asks government to inquire into allegations against NHRC chief K G Balakrishnan

The government to inquire into allegations of corruption and misconduct levelled against former CJI and present NHRC chief K G Balakrishnan.

A bench of Justice B S Chauhan and Justice J S Khehar said "the competent" authority in the government would conduct a detailed inquiry into the complaint against him by Committee for Judicial Accountability.

The committee had alleged that Justice Balakrishnan's kin had amassed unaccounted wealth during his tenure as Judge of SC and then as CJI.

The bench said if the competent authority finds the allegations substantiated by the inquiry it will take appropriate action under section 5(3) of the NHRC Act.

This means if the allegations were found true, then the President may have to send a reference to the apex court seeking its opinion on the desirability of continuance of Justice Balakrishnan as the NHRC chief.

Justice Balakrishnan had said that if his relatives had amassed unaccounted wealth it was for them to explain such acquisition before the income tax authorities.

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