Friday, August 3, 2012

BMW hit-and-run case: No extra jail term for Sanjeev Nanda, SC directs him to pay Rs 50 lakh to Centre

The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the conviction of Sanjeev Nanda in 1999 BMW hit-and-run case.

The apex court convicted Sanjeev Nanda under Section 304-II of IPC for the 1999 BMW hit-and-run case but did not enhance his sentence from 2 years imposed by the Delhi high court.

The trial court had sentenced Sanjeev Nanda to 5 years jail term.

The SC also imposed a fine of Rs 50 lakh on Nanda and said this money would be utilised for payment of compensation to highway hit-and-run accident victims.

The apex court said if Nanda does not pay the fine, he would undergo a sentence of one more year. If he pays the fine, Nanda will not go to jail again as he has already served the 2-year sentence.

The apex court criticised Sanjeev Nanda's conduct of not taking injured to hospital and ordered him to do 2-year more community service under supervision of the ministry of welfare. The SC said that during and after the accident in which 6 persons were killed, Nanda showed utter lack of sensitivity towards the injured.

The SC gave 6 months to Nanda to pay up Re 50 lakh which would be utilised for road accident victims where the offending vehicle is not identified.

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