Saturday, October 6, 2012

Delhi court awards death to five for honour killing

A court in New Delhi has awarded death sentence to five members of a family for the killing of an inter-caste couple in 2010 who had wanted to get married.
All those awarded death sentence by the Rohini court are members of one family who were charged in the murder in 2010 in Swarup Nagar here.
In east Delhi’s Swarup Nagar 19-year-old Asha Saini and her boyfriend 20-year-old Yogesh, 20 were beaten up and then electrocuted by the girl’s family.
Asha’s parents Suraj and Maya Saini, uncle Om Prakash, aunt Khusboo and brother Sanjeev, were handed down death penalty by Additional Sessions Judge Ramesh Kumar Singhal.
Yogesh was from a lower caste and that led to the troubles when the couple expressed their decision to marry.
The curse of “honour killings’ in Indian communities steeped in traditional beliefs continued.
While some communities issue death decrees, horrific stories continued to emerge from both rural and urban Indian pockets about young couples facing persecution for their relationships not sanctioned by parents or community elders.

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