Thursday, August 15, 2013

TV regulator fines 2 channels for 'objectionable' shows

TV industry's self regulatory body Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has slapped penalties on two channels for airing objectionable content.

Officials said BCCC had issued two orders on Wednesday, imposing Rs 10 lakh fine on Big CBS love and Rs 2.5 lakh penalty on Big CBS Spark.

This is for the first time that BCCC has imposed penalty on TV channels. On July 19, the Indian Broadcasting Foundation had conferred powers on BCCC to levy financial penalty up to Rs 30 lakh on channels.

In its order against Big CBS Love, BCCC said it had received a series of complaints from the information & broadcasting ministry regarding telecast of programmes - Sex and the City, America's Next Top Model and Britain's Next Top Model which showed "indecently clad models and characters in objectionable acts".

The BCCC said it was "really shocked to see the clips of the shows in question" and concluded that these programmes were in gross violation of IBF self-regulatory guidelines as well as the programme code.

The channel initially replied that it was meant for and watched by a select audience only but later said that the error had occurred because they had encountered some problem with their S&P (Standards and Practices) department. Not buying its arguments, the BCCC imposed the fine and also asked the channel to run an apology scroll for seven days.

In case of CBS Spark, the ministry said a telecast on May 2 of a song 'No Lie' by rappers No Chainz and Drake contained inappropriate lyrics which were grossly offensive.

After conducting the proceedings, BCCC concluded that CBS Spark had violated guidelines imposed a penalty of Rs 2.5 lakh and asked it to run an apology scroll for three days.

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