Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Bombay HC order for Maggi

The Bombay high court on Thursday lifted the ban on Nestle's flagship instant noodle brand Maggi.

However, Maggi will not be up for sale in the market immediately.

Maggi samples will have to go through fresh tests and if results are fine, only then can Nestle manufacture and sell Maggi in India.

Relief for Nestle, Bombay HC sets aside food regulator's ban on Maggi

As per the HC order, Nestle will have to send five samples of each variant of noodles for fresh testing to three labs in Punjab, Hyderabad and Jaipur.

If lead content is found below permissible limit by the three labs, Nestle will be allowed to manufacture Maggi noodles.

While passing the order, the Bombzy HC said that "principles of natural justice was not followed while banning Maggi noodles".

"Laboratories where tests were performed were not authorized," the HC said.

So, consumers will have to wait a while longer for Maggi to be back on the shelves.

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