Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Phones In India Will Eventually Come With A Panic Button

It is unfortunate that despite living in seemingly civilized times that we still have many cases of assault against women. At the moment there are plenty of ways women can protect themselves in such situations, such as taking up self-defense classes, carrying around a whistle to alert others to their situation, carrying mace, and so on.

However what if they’re out without their bags but only equipped with their phones? The good news is that according to Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi, it seems that phones in India will come equipped with panic buttons in the future.Authority said that this feature is expected to be implemented on all cell phones in the next 6 months.
According to Gandhi, “Every cell phone will have an in-built panic button. Now, all new cell phones will be made with panic buttons. But in case of all old cell phones, you can go to the person who owns the company or the dealer and they will adjust it for you. If a woman is in trouble, she can just press the button on the cell phone and she will immediately get help.”
We have seen similar gadgets invented in the past for exactly these kind of situations, but they were sold separately whereas in this case, they will be baked into the phones themselves, thus making it more accessible in emergency situations.

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