Tuesday, April 19, 2016

File complaint if hotels, stadium charge you more than MRP for packaged drinking water: Govt

Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Tuesday said that the drinking water supplied by Delhi Jal Board is not safe for consumption as it is unable to meet the prescribed quality standards.

Paswan today urged the consumers to file complaints if they find packaged drinking water being sold at above the maximum retail price. This would also cover places like five star hotels, cinemas and airport so that the government can take strict action against the guilty.

Paswan attended a meeting of the Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) today where issue of safe drinking water was discussed.

"Nobody can drink tap water in Delhi. Delhi's water is not safe for drinking, though there are quality standards in place," he said after the meeting.

"There is lack of awareness among consumers on such issues. Be it cricket stadium or five star hotel or airport, if consumers see they are being charged more than MRP for packaged drinking water they should file complaint. We will take strict action," PTI quoted the minister as saying.

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