Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mallya and Passport -UK Gov.

The British government on Wednesday said it can't deport loans defaulter Vijay Mallya and asked India to consider requesting extradition, instead.

Britain also acknowledged "the seriousness of allegations" against Mallya and said it is "keen to assist" the Indian government.

"They have asked GoI (Government of India) to consider requesting mutual legal assistance or extradition," said Vikas Swarup, spokesman, ministry of external affairs.

"The UK Government has informed us that under 1971 Immigration Act, the UK does not require an individual to hold a valid passport in order to remain in the UK if they have extant leave to remain as long as their passport was valid when leave to remain or enter UK was conferred. At same time, UK acknowledges the seriousness of allegations & is keen to assist GoI," Swarup further said.

That means, Mallya can legally stay in Britain if his passport was valid when he entered the country. He left India on March 2 and the Indian government revoked his passport only after that, which means his passport was valid when he entered the UK.

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