Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Woman given triple talaq for not bearing male child

 Dariapur resident Pokhrajbano Shahnawaz Shaikh was divorced by her husband through triple talaq, just because she did not bear a male child. When she was pregnant, her husband, Shahnawaz Shaikh took her to Kothari Hospital in Vadodara under the pretext of treatment, where she was administered a fetal sex determination test and subsequently, an abortion. A case was registered on Monday at Dariapur police station, against Vadodara-resident Shahnawaz, for cheating his wife into undergoing an abortion.

Pokhrajbano is mother to three beautiful daughters, Khusbu, Samiha and Zeba, who were born in 2001, 2005 and 2009, respectively. She was pregnant for the fourth time in 2015, when Shahnawaz forced her to undergo a sex determination test. Pokhrajbano alleged in her complaint that her husband was never happy with daughters and ever since her second daughter was born, he would get drunk and beat her black and blue for not bearing a male child. Life was a constant struggle for her, after Shahawaz divorced her through triple talaq, in December 2015.

"She got financial support from her aging father. However, after her father passed away, she was left to fend for herself. Even as her father had put his property in her name, her seized the papers due to which she is facing financial difficulties," said Manjita Vanzara, ACP, F division police station.
"Shahnawaz had stopped paying the fees for his daughters for the last six months, as a result they were expelled from their school in Vadodara. It is really sad how a woman is deprived of her basic rights and how it takes a toll on her daughters' lives and their education," she added.

Their eldest daughter, Khushbu scored 82% in class X but could not attend the second term of class XI as her fees weren't paid. Vanzara, her friends and family have jointly sponsored the education of all three girls till graduation. After obtaining their leaving certificates from their school in Vadodara, efforts are being made to enrol them in school in a way that their term is not affected.

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