Tuesday, May 9, 2017

‘Can’t charge more than MRP for bottled water’

The Gujarat State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (GSCDRC) has ruled that luxury hotels cannot collect high extra charges from customers for serving bottled water. The forum insisted that the price of bottled water charged must not exceed the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the label.

On May 5, the commission ordered two city hotels to return the extra money charged from Sola resident Rohit Patel and pay him Rs 2,000 as compensation for the mental agony and suffering caused to him by the unfair trade practice.

Patel had filed cases against the two hotels after he had to pay Rs 132 in 2015 for a mineral water bottle in Hyatt Ahmedabad. The price mentioned on the bottle label was Rs 30. In another instance, he had to pay Rs 112 for bottled mineral water in Regenta Hotel. The hotel had charged service tax also. Patel raised the issue of overcharging with hotel managements but they told him that he was at liberty to lodge a complaint.

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