Friday, January 12, 2018

Commercial activities banned in basements

As part of an initiative to curb traffic snarls on city roads, city police on Thursday issued a notification banning use of designated parking spots and common areas for commercial activities. Flouting the rules can be punished under provisions of IPC Section 188 and Gujarat Police Act.

According to the notification, it has been found that a number of basements, cellars and parking lots in buildings are used for activities such as sale of second-hand vehicles, fitting accessories, garages and so on. Using such space for commercial activities has been banned by a Supreme Court judgement as it forces vehicle owners to park on the road, mentioned the notification.

It also covered the eateries that utilize such spaces for serving customers or preparing food. The notification mentioned that some of the malls also provide the space for exhibitions and sales.

'With the notification, the use of basement and parking space is banned for commercial activities,' mentioned the circular.

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