Sunday, December 16, 2018

UK fakes cancer Case -Indian origin

An Indian-origin woman who admitted to lying to her family and friends about suffering from terminal brain cancer to con them out of over £250,000 was sentenced to four years of imprisonment by a UK court on Friday. In 2013, Jasmin Mistry told her then-husband, Vijay Katechia, that she had cancer, along with a supporting WhatsApp message what he thought was her doctor.
Investigations later revealed that the message had been sent by her using a different SIM card. At the end of December 2014, she told her ex-husband that her severe brain cancer meant she had just six months to live, with further messages from another fictitious doctor suggesting that it could be treated in America — at a cost of around £500,000.
Katechia, his family and others went on to be conned out of money over a two-year period between 2015-2017 in the form of donations. The plot was unraveled after her ex-husband showed a brain scan she had said was hers, to a doctor friend, who told him it had been lifted from Google. Mistry was arrested in November 2017. PTI

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