Sunday, March 10, 2019

Drunk IB cop caught with 99 liquor bottles

Crashes Car Into Tempo

In a major embarrassment to the police department, an intelligence bureau (IB) sleuth was caught for liquor trafficking near Dena Crossroads on Saturday night.

Kaushik Dadhaniya, who is posted as PSI in IB, Gandhinagar, was ferrying 99 bottles of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in his car. The police said that Kaushik was inebriated condition too.
The incident came to light when Dadhaniya was returning from Daman in his car on Saturday evening. At about 7 pm, he rammed the car into a tempo that was being driven by one Sukhdev Rana. Rana told police that he was driving slowly as there was was traffic jam near Dena Crossroads. Dadhaniya’s vehicle came from behind and rammed into the tempo. Such was the impact of the accident that Dadhaniya got stuck in his badly mangled car. He was rescued by a police patrolling team that rushed to the spot.

“When we checked his car, we found 99 liquor bottles in it. On inquiring about them, Dadhaniya told us that he was carrying it to Junagadh for his friend who is to be married soon,” said B M Rana, Harni PI.
“As he was in an inebriated condition, we sent him for medical tests. Reports confirmed that he was drunk. We have filed a case under the Prohibition Act and rash driving against Dadhaniya ,who has suffered fracture in his shoulder. He is in hospital and will be arrested soon,” Rana. .
Thirty-four-year-old Dadhaniya is a resident of Junagadh and was recruited in the police department in 2013.TNN

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