Monday, March 2, 2020

Members barred from joining the month-old body under 'One Bar, One Vote' norm of GHCAA

The Gujarat High Court Advocates' Association (GHCAA) has passed a resolution to remove membership of the lawyers who join the newly-formed Ahmedabad NCLT Practitioners Association (ANCLTPA) formed by the other faction. 

ANCLTPA was formed about a month ago. The GHCAA has been objecting the new association which comprises mostly lawyers practicing in the high court and few Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries. Earlier on February 10, the GHCAA had passed a resolution paving way to open its branch at the NCLT which it sent to the Principal Bench of NCLT at New Delhi and Bar Council of Gujarat (BCG) to get recognition. At the same time, the ANCLTPA has also sent communication to get recognition.

GHCAA will write a letter to the BCG to not give recognition to newly-formed association. "We passed the resolution on February 25 looking at the existing norm of 'One Bar One Vote' under which members of other bars cannot be members of our association," said Yatin Oza, GHCAA president. Oza said, "As part of the resolution passed, we will remove the member and take away member's chamber for joining another association."
Under One Bar One Vote norm, a lawyer can only vote in the bar where he or she is an ordinary member. "As per this norm, one lawyer cannot become member of two associations. Most of the high court lawyers who are also our members are practicing at the NCLT," said Hardik Brahmbhatt, Secretary of the GHCAA.

The resolution passed by the GHCAA reads, "Some advocates who have chosen to become not only electorate but also chosen to become office-bearers of another association stand to lose their membership of GHCAA. Hence it is resolved to request the Chief Justice of High Court of Gujarat to cancel allotment of chambers in their favour."

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