Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Delhi High Court notifies rules for video conference hearings

The Delhi High Court has notified new rules governing video-conference hearings

The rules, titled 'High Court of Delhi Rules for Video Conferencing of Courts 2021' (Rules) was published in the official gazette on Tuesday and will apply to such courts or proceedings or classes of courts or proceedings as the High Court notifies.

The Rules state that the concerned court will endeavour to make available sufficient links to the public for accessing the court proceedings.

The Rules also provide that to observe the requirement of an open court, members of the public will be allowed to view the hearings except for in-camera proceedings.

However, any unauthorised recording of the proceedings is barred.

It also said that all the protocols applicable in physical court will apply to virtual proceedings and all the statutory provisions like Contempt of Court Act 1971, CPC, CrPC, Indian Evidence Act 1872 and IT Act 2000 will apply to these proceedings.

The court has explained facilities recommended for virtual hearing and preparatory arrangements while also detailing the principles for the appearance of witnesses, examination of evidence, issuance of summons as well as the cost of video conferencing.

There shall be a coordinator both at the Court Point and at the Remote Point from which any required person is to be examined or heard.

However, the coordinator may be required at the Remote Point only when a witness or a person accused of an offence is to be examined.

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