Monday, February 7, 2022

Delhi Court annoyed at man who reached airport before order on plea for permission to travel abroad

The Court found that the man had reached the airport even before it could pass an order in a revision plea against a trial court order that had denied him permission to travel abroad.
Even on earlier occasions, his permission for traveling abroad was declined by the Trial Court on the very same ground and yet the revisionist has opted not to place the tickets on record… It appears that the revisionist is either very casual or he intends to conceal something important from the Trial Court,” underscored the verdict.
I am constrained to observe that the conduct of the revisionist is very callous and he is taking the process of court of law for granted. The application of the revisionist to travel abroad has been dismissed by the Trial Court and his revision petition is still pending, yet I am informed by the Counsel for the revisionist that the revisionist has already reached the airport, as if outcome of the instant revision petition is a foregone conclusion,” the order stated.

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