Monday, June 13, 2022

Don't insist on certified copies of orders; downloaded copies attested by lawyer sufficient: Himachal Pradesh High Court

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The Himachal Pradesh High Court has asked all judicial officers in the State not to insist on certified copies of bail orders/ interim orders passed by the High Court since it is cumbersome and causes inconvenience to the litigants.

The High Court has said that litigants/ lawyers should be permitted to submit downloaded copies of such orders provided they are attested by the counsel representing the parties to be the true downloaded copy.

A letter to this effect was issued by the Registrar (Vigilance) of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla JK Sharma on June 3.

"All trial courts, Presiding Officer(s) are, therefore, requested to accept the downloaded copies of the bail orders/interim orders passed by the High Court, if the same are attested to be true downloaded copy by the counsel, representing the parties. However, before accepting such orders, the orders could be got verified from the High Court website." 

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