Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Once Appointment Is Declared Illegal & Void Ab Initio, One Cannot Legally Continue In Service & Claim Salary: Supreme Court

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An Assistant teacher claiming the release of her unpaid salary from 2001 onwards, the Supreme Court recently held that once the appointment has been declared illegal and void ab initio by the Director of elementary education in Assam in 2001, continuing in service becomes untenable in the absence of challenge to the cancellation order.

The Court held that the failure to contest the cancellation order bars the appellant from claiming a legal right to continue in service and consequent salary claims.

Once the appointment of the appellant had been declared illegal and void ab initio, and was canceled by the Director of Elementary Education, Assam vide order dated 18.10.2001, the appellant could not legally continue in service thereafter unless that cancellation order was set aside. It has been noticed by the High Court that the order dated 18.10.2001 was never challenged by the appellant. Thus, the appellant had no legal right to continue in service, especially when there was no order or letter placed on record by the appellant that she was allowed to continue beyond 31.03.2002. No claim for payment of salary could be made for any period.”

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