Tuesday, November 23, 2010

khap panchayats ban cell phones for unmarried girls

After beatings and murders, khap panchayats are ramping up the crackdown on females in Uttar Pradesh.
A village panchayat here has banned the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls, a move they feel would prevent them from eloping with their lovers.

The all caste and community panchayat met here at Lank village of the district yesterday and discussed the "bad effects" of mobile phones on youngsters and passed the order.
"The panchayat has imposed a ban on the usage of mobile phones by unmarried girls to prevent them from eloping with young boys against the wishes of their parents," panchayat spokesman Rajender Malick said.
Earlier on November 14, the all khap panchayats of Shoram village in the district had come together to oppose same gotra marriages, demanding an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

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