Friday, December 10, 2010

SC stands by 'something rotten' remark against Allahabad HC

The Supreme Court today upheld its controversial remarks that something was "rotten" in the Allahabad High Court where the "uncle judges syndrome" was rampant and needed cleansing.

A Bench of justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra, while dismissing the Allahabad High Court's application for expunging of the remarks, however, clarified there were "excellent and good judges too" in the court.

Rejecting arguments of senior counsel P P Rao that a clarification some judges are excellent and good would still cause suspicion on the integrity of the judges, the Bench remarked, "It is not just time to react but also to introspect."

Reacting to the persistent plea of Rao that the clarification would not be sufficient, Justice Katju angrily retorted, "Do not tell all those things. I and my family have more than 100 years of association with the Allahabad High Court. People know who is corrupt and who is honest. So do not tell me all this."

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