Sunday, July 31, 2011

‘Hindu cousins can convert & marry’ - Delhi HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has said that cousins born in Hindu community can marry each other after converting to Christianity as it dismissed a plea of a retired judge against his magistrate son who married his maternal uncle’s daughter after conversion.
“Respondents (couple) have rightly converted as per the Section 3 of the Indian Christian Marriage Act. Therefore, after conversion into Christianity the marriage does not fall under the ‘sapinda’ relationship (which is prohibited under the Hindu Marriage Act),” said Justice Suresh Kait while upholding the marriage. Pulling up the father for filing case against his son, the high court recently said, “This type of thinking is spoiling the broad thinking of new generation and at times it leads to honour-killing.
“If the courts start supporting this type of issues, they would amount to support the ‘khap’ dictat. The courts are not meant to gratify the feelings of personal revenge or vindictiveness or to serve the ends of a private party.”
The court imposed a cost of Rs 10,000 on O P Gogne, currently practicing as a lawyer after retiring from Delhi Judicial Services, for filing “frivolous case” against his son who is a sitting magistrate in a city court. PTI

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