Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hire teachers as per govt merit list: HC

Ahmedabad: Rejecting the petition of school administrators, Gujarat high court on Tuesday upheld the state government notification about centralization of recruitment of principals and teachers in the grant-inaid schools.
The government in a circular issued on February 2, 2011, had announced that recruitment of principals and teachers in grant-in-aid schools will be done under a centralized system. Schools administrator had challenged the government notification in the high court.
State education department officials said that there was a need to systemize the recruitment process as authorities were getting a lot of complaints about irregularities, nepotism and corruption by the school administration. The officials said that it was deeply impacting the standard of teaching in these schools.
According to the new system, teachers and principals in grant-in-aid schools will be selected from a merit list which will be prepared from the list of candidates who have already successfully cleared Teachers' Aptitude Test (TAT).
After conducting the competitive examination, the authorities are expected to prepare a centralized list of teachers on merit.
The officials said that the new system will make sure that aspirants from different universities get an equal chance on merit for employment.

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