Thursday, September 15, 2011

My wife and I have split, remarriage reports false, concocted: Omar Abdullah

Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah and his wife Payal Nath have separated after 17 years of marriage. This was confirmed by the chief minister on Twitter on Thursday.

Reacting to the report Omar Abdullah divorcing wife after 17 years , Omar tweeted: "While it's true my wife and I have separated, speculation about the motives and my future actions are unfounded, untrue, I appeal to the media to please allow me and my family privacy. Am sure you will appreciate that I have not let this affect my work."

"Stories about my remarriage are completely false, concocted. It's a pity, while repeating these lies, no effort was made to ask me the truth," Omar tweeted. He said a lot of people have been hurt in the process.

In a statement issued by his office, the 41-year-old chief minister said he was dismayed and anguished over the "growing tide of speculation in the media about my private life, particularly the status of my marriage".

The chief minister noted that the media has a well-established, undeclared, code of conduct to keep private lives of public figures by and large private. "I believe my family and I are entitled to that privacy. At this point my concern has to and will remain my young sons who do not deserve to see themselves splashed across the news channels and pages of newspapers in this manner," Omar said.

He further added: "My family and I will not be issuing any more statements or taking any further questions about any of this."

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