Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cable operators asked to pay for fire in TV set

 TV burns because of a short-circuit in the cable connection, your cable operator is likely to pay you the damages. A consumer court in Surat has asked the operator to pay to a consumer for the damage caused to his television set, with 9% interest.

Umesh Dalal, a resident of Surat, had got a cable connection from service provider 'In Cable' though local operator 'Spectra Vision'. On July 5, 2012, Dalal saw that his TV set and the furniture around it caught fire. He found out that the electric current ran through the TV network cable due to a short circuit.

Dalal immediately called 'In Cable' operator but the cable operator came only after three hours. He too found that electric current ran through the network cable, though no electricity wires were in contact with the cable. Dalal moved the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum in Surat and demanded damages done to his TV set and furniture. He asked for full compensation of Rs 33,000 for his LCD TV and Rs 10,500 towards damage caused to his furniture. The consumer court heard the case and considered the evidence that established that the fire was the result of problem with the TV cable. Holding the cable operators responsible for the fire accident, it asked them to pay Rs 22,000 towards damage to the television with 9% interest from the date of the incident.

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