Monday, February 22, 2016

Apple Has FAQ On Government’s iPhone Unlock Request

It does not look as though things are looking up for the situation between the US government and Apple at the moment, as they continue to remain locked in a moral tussle concerning a dead terrorist’s iPhone 5c. Well, Apple has updated their support page to feature information related to the current legal battle in which it is embroiled with with the government, which centers on a court order that asks Apple to unlock an iPhone 5c belonging to deceased terrorist Syed Farook, with the FBI claiming that the information within the handset might help them to in their investigations.
The FAQ clearly points out that the government is asking for the company “to create a unique version of iOS that would bypass security protections on the iPhone Lock screen.” In other words, Apple was instructed to do away with the Auto-Erase feature which completely wipes out an iPhone after ten incorrect passcodes are entered. Apple does not want to compromise on that since giving in might set a precedent for future cases, despite assurances that it would not.
What is your take on the situation? Do you think that this is a one-off event that Apple should comply with, or are they right in making such a strong stand?

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