Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tonk man held by Gujarat ATS, taken to Ahmedabad

The man, identified as Mohammed Salim Pathan, was taken to Ahmedabad on Saturday night. Interrogation with him is going on.

ATS claimed that Pathan had provided fake documents to Samir Khan to procure a passport from Bhopal. On the same passport, Khan had fled to Pakistan where he was allegedly given training by various terror outfits. Khan was killed in an encounter by Gujarat police in Ahmedabad on October 22, 2002.

Samir, who was also an accused in a policeman's murder case in late 90's. After killing the policeman near Usmanpura (Ahmedabad), Khan fled to Tonk and allegedly stayed at Pathan's place for about 45 days. Pathan, who runs a restaurant, arranged for fake documents for Khan. Khan then procured a passport from Bhopal and fled to Pakistan.

After undergoing training at terror camps, Samir returned to Ahmedabad on a mission to avenge the 2002 communal riots. Several political leaders were his target. However, he was arrested from Geeta Mandir bus depot and later killed in an encounter when he tried to flee from police custody.

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