Police, investigating agencies and the Reserve Bank of India seized counterfeit notes with a face value of Rs 125.18 crore and arrested 3,656 carriers nationwide between 2012 and 2014, according to a report the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) submitted to the ministry of home affairs in January 2015. The report showed that Delhi topped the list of fake note seizures by police or recovered by banks.

Maharashtra came second. In 2012-13, Maharashtra registered 702 FIRs, arrested 561 carriers and seized counterfeit currency of Rs 14.54 crore face value. Tamil Nadu registered the most counter feit currency cases (735). Delhi seized notes with a face value of Rs 40.39 crore, followed by Maharashtra (Rs 14.54 crore), UP (Rs 11.55 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs 10.83 crore), Karnataka (Rs 7.22 crore), Gujarat (Rs 7.02 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (Rs 6.22 crore), the report stated.
The seizure of Rs 1,000 counterfeit notes rose in Maha rashtra in 2014 (35,357), which is almost three times more than what was seized in 2012 (12,817 notes).

The CBI and NIA are cen tral agencies for investigation of fake currency note cases. The government also constituted a terror funding & fake currency cell (TFFC) in NIA to investigate such cases. As per the MHA, looking at multidimensional aspects of the fake currency menace, agencies like RBI, ministries of finance and home affairs, security and intelligence agencies of the Centre and states, and CBI have been working in tandem to thwart illegal activities related to the notes, but there is no reliable estimate of fake notes in India.