Monday, February 13, 2017

Supreme court panel slams state over accidents

The Supreme Court's Committee on Road Safety, headed by Justice K S Radhakrishnan, has slammed the Gujarat government for failing to prepare a road safety action plan and for not taking action to prevent accidents. The State Road Safety Council met on Monday to discuss the instructions given by the Supreme Court to prepare the action plan. The state government aims to reduce the number of accidents by at least 50%, as stated by the minister of state for transport, Vallabh Kakadiya.

After the SC reprimand, the state government identified some of the most accident-prone areas in the state. The government aims to initiate drastic changes in the city and highway infrastructure, and to set up facilities to swiftly provide medical services to accident victims. Despite repeated reminders from the SC's committee, the Gujarat government did not prepare the action plan. The government also missed the deadline of submission, December 31, 2016. It now hopes to submit it by March 31 this year. The SC committee has told the state government to allocate a special budget for road safety. The committee has also rejected the first draft of the state government, saying: "The action plan submitted by the state government is not an action plan but an expression of intent."

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