Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UK Supreme Court upholds immigration rules on spousal income

The UK Supreme Court upheld immigration rules Wednesday that require British citizens to have a certain level of income to bring their foreign spouses to Britain.
Since new rules were introduced in 2012, the UK partner -- a British citizen or recognized refugee -- must have a minimum annual income of at least £18,600 (around $23,000) for their spouse to live with them, if the spouse comes from outside the European Economic Area.
    Previous rules only required the couple to show that they could support themselves without the need of state help in the form of welfare payments.
    Four couples challenged the rules on the grounds that they breached their human right to a family life.
    Handing down their ruling, the Supreme Court justices upheld the "Minimum Income Requirement" rules, saying they did not violate human rights legislation.
    But they said the rules did not take proper account of the best interests of any children involved, or alternative sources of income, and should be amended.

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