Monday, July 2, 2018

Selfie in judge’s chair lands cop cadet in jail

A  click a selfie in the judge’s chair landed a Madhya Pradesh police trainee in police lockup.
The courtroom of chief judicial magistrate KP Singh in Umaria was empty on Saturday morning when trainee constable Ram Avtar Rawat was passing by. On a whim, he sat on the judge’s chair, whipped out his phone and started taking selfies.
A judicial staff, who had opened the doors, was baffled to see Rawat saunter in and plonk himself in the CJM’s chair. He objected, but the cop cadet allegedly flew into a rage, abused him and said he is a policeman and no one can stop him from doing what he wanted. He would quickly get a sobering lesson.
Police were called and they took Rawat into custody. He was charged with trespass under IPC. During questioning he revealed that he was a trainee in the police academy and dared this selfie for fun. He was given bail, but the charge can lead to a year’s prison term or fine or both upon conviction.

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