Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Aadhaar judgment: What needs to be linked, what does not need to be linked

A 5-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court on Wednesday 
upheld the constitutional validity of the flagship Aadhaar scheme
. The apex court in its judgment has listed out a host of Read Aadhaar Act 2016services for which linking of Aadhaar is not mandatory. Here is a ready reckoner on what needs to be linked to Aadhaar and what not:


1) It is mandatory to link PAN card with Aadhaar
2) Aadhaar is a must for filing income tax returns
3) Aadhaar is necessary for availing welfare schemes and subsidies given by the government.


1) Aadhaar data is not needed for opening a bank account as the SC on Wednesday struck down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act which allowed private companies to avail Aadhaar data
2) With the SC striking down Section 57 other private entities like telecom and e-commerce firms are now barred from asking for Aadhaar. So, Aadhaar is not needed to get a SIM card or shopping online
3) Aadhaar is not needed for admission in schools adding that no child can be denied benefits of any schemes on not being able to bring Aadhaar.
4) Aadhaar no more compulsory to appear in CBSE, UGC and NEET examinations.

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