Thursday, December 19, 2019

Conductor leaves bus for MA exam, loses job -GSRTC

A bus conductor, Nilesh Rabari, has lost his job for leaving the bus mid-trip to appear in MA exams hoping the degree would be his ticket for a better future.
Nilesh disembarked from the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) bus while on duty to take the exam. What's more, Nilesh used his cousin Umesh as his proxy to issue tickets to passengers. Both brothers were convicted for abetting and impersonating a government servant with a one-year jail term.
Last week, a city sessions case upheld the cousin brother's conviction but dropped their jail sentence.
The court acknowledged their good behaviour and observed the two had suffered a long trial at a very early age, which is punishment enough for them.
In this case, Nilesh, then 23-years-old was on duty on board the Halol-Ahmedabad GSRTC bus on April 28, 2012, night. When the bus reached Nadiad, Nilesh disembarked from the bus. As the bus carried on its trip, the driver noticed that somebody else was booking tickets for passengers instead of Nilesh. He immediately reported this to the control room and was asked to drive the bus directly to Ahmedabad depot.
Upon inquiry, Umesh revealed that Nilesh had got down midway to appear in MA exams in Anand and assigned his official work to him. The department lodged an FIR with Kagdapith police station against the duo. While Umesh was charged with impersonating a public servant under section 170 of IPC, Nilesh, the conductor, was accused of abetment under section 114 of IPC. The penal provision for this offence is up to seven-year jail term.
The cousins denied the charges and faced the trial, which lasted for five years. In April 2017, a metropolitan court found them guilty and punished them with a jail term of one year.

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