Sunday, December 8, 2019

Man secures job using fake degree, bank files complaint

A nationalised bank through its HR manager on Saturday filed a complaint with Madhavpura police alleging that a 29-year-old man from Motera has obtained a job of junior associate in the bank after submitting a forged degree from a university in Rajasthan.
In the FIR filed with Madhavpura police, Himanshu Mehta, 57, the HR manager with regional business office (RB) of SBI in Shahibaugh, states that the accused Uday Arora, 29, a resident of Mahengibanagar in Motera, worked in the bank for around 10 months by getting the job of junior associate, a clerical job, on forged degree.
The FIR states that Arora had applied for the job in the physically handicapped person’s category and passed written the test and interview. He was selected for the job on November 3, 2018 and was sent for required training at Gandhinagar for a month.
On December 3, 2018, he was given a posting at the Cantonment branch in the Shahibaugh area. As the manager of the Cantonment branch started the verification procedure of Arora’s document, he wrote a letter to the Rajasthan university. The officials from Rajasthan university wrote back to the branch manager in August 2019 stating that the degree seemed to be fake.
After this, the bank took up the issue with is senior officials and the Sabarmati branch manager was sent to the university in Rajasthan where the registrar of the university told him in person that the BA degree was forged, states the FIR.
The bank officials also instructed Arora to prove that the degree was genuine but he could not prove it. Later, the bank officials filed a complaint with the city police. Madhavpura police have registered a complaint of forgery and for producing forged documents as genuine and began an investigation.

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