Saturday, July 3, 2021

Rajasthan High Court asks Bar Council to take action against lawyer who used "filthy language, hurled abuses.

The Rajasthan High Court on Friday asked the Bar Council of Rajasthan to take appropriate action against a lawyer who used obnoxious and filthy language and hurled abuses at the Court while presenting his case.

"Advocate Ramawatar Singh Choudhary appearing on behalf of the petitioner through video conferencing used filthy language before this Court and argued the matter loudly and in a shouting manner which is against the decorum of the Court and even he abused the Court which amounts to Contempt of Court," 

The counsel for the petitioner, Mr Ramawatar Singh Choudhary inappropriately opened up passing unwelcoming comments upon this Court. His behaviour and demeanour were certainly of maligning the dignity and decorum of the Court. The Counsel deliberately and willfully uttered obnoxious and filthy language which is normally used by cheaters and street goons. Counsel Mr Ramawatar Singh Choudhary didn’t hold his horses and went on uttering direct abuses to this Court personally, further, the counsel commented badly upon the functioning of the Court on the judicial side,"

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