Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Suspending govt school teacher for sending WhatsApp message - Rajasthan High Court stays order

The Rajasthan High Court on 26/07/21 stayed a suspension order passed against a senior mathematics teacher working at the Government Senior Secondary School Babedi, Bansur, Alwar for allegedly sending WhatsApp messages criticizing the State government and a particular political party (
Lava Kumar Sharma vs. the State of Rajasthan)

The petitioner was suspended from service by the State in the exercise of powers under Rule 13 of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeals) Rules, 1958.

"In the meanwhile, effect and operation of the suspension order dated June 18, 2021 shall remain stayed and the petitioner would be allowed to continue at the same place where he was continuing prior to the passing of the suspension order." 

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