Sunday, December 12, 2021

Conviction of Godman who raped devotee Court upholds -Bombay High

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The Bombay High Court recently upheld the conviction of a man claiming to be devotee of Macchindranath, for having sexually abused a female devotee under the garb of "blessing her with a child" 

"It is significant to note that the blind faith of the parties/victim on the accused is the real driver in such cases. The evidence in such cases has to be appreciated in the context of these peculiar circumstances" the judgment said.

The female devotee and her husband had allegedly been suggested to approach the accused to resolve their problems of having a child post their marriage.

While the initial visits of the couple in 2013 would involve the accused giving them' vibhuti' and chanting of mantras, in 2015, the accused advised the couple to have a ‘reiki procedure’.

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