Sunday, December 19, 2021

Delhi High Court upholds termination of SBI employee who siphoned off deposits into his personal account

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Justice Singh said that these two incidents are sufficient for the bank to have lost faith and confidence in Bhatia since he was misusing his status for his own personal benefit.

“Once there is a loss of confidence, that too by a Bank qua one of its officials, the standard on which such loss of faith/confidence is to be tested cannot be a very high standard. Even a suspicion or doubt, with some credibility or some evidence, would be sufficient to objectively uphold the dismissal from service. The Court cannot lose sight of the reality that customers who visit banks do develop friendly relationships with officials, however, such officials then have a larger duty and responsibility to safeguard their customers, as well as the interests of the bank, rather than to misuse their trust and faith in the banking system,” the Court said.

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