Wednesday, March 30, 2022

permanent injunction in favour of ANI in trademark suit against ANINEWSINDIA - Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court recently granted a permanent injunction in favour of news agency Asian News International (ANI), restraining a website by the name of ANI News India from using the trademark ‘ANI'

The Court observed that internet users could be deceived into believing that the defendants as well as their website and various platforms are connected with the plaintiff.

“Defendant Nos.1 and 2 (the owners of the website) who are proceeded ex parte today are permanently injuncted from using the mark ‘ANI’ or any other derivatives including the logo form of ‘ANI’ as depicted in the plaint and in this order, either with or without the word ‘news’ and ‘India’ as ‘aninewsindia’, ‘aninews’ or in any other manner whatsoever including on the internet or any other social media platform including Instagram and Facebook, including the domain name containing the word ‘ANI’.”

The Court was informed that Google has already de-indexed the defendant’s website. It was said that though the two Facebook pages relating to ‘’ and’, have already been pulled down, the personal Facebook page of the first defendant, who described himself as the Editor of ‘aninewsindia,’ is still operating. Justice Singh, therefore, directed that the said page be taken down within 36 hours.

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